Hands-On Training In The Nuts And Bolts of Innovating

Ben M. Bensaou has provided training, coaching, and guidance to corporate employees at every level, from frontline workers and middle managers to C-suite leaders and board members, for three decades. He has spent 28 years teaching executives at INSEAD, Europe’s leading business school, where he also served as the Dean for Executive Education from 2018 to 2020.

Ben has also worked widely with corporations throughout​ Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East, coaching and consulting in innovation and helping organizations build their innovating capabilities and culture. The companies Ben has served are active in a wide range of industries, from technology and consumer products to financial services, and also include nonprofit organizations and government entities. Ben has helped many of these organizations transform themselves into innovation powerhouses.

Four Training Formats: Which Ones Are Right For You?

Senior Leadership Team Workshop (half-day to one day)

Ben will introduce your C-suite leaders and corporate board members to the logic, key principles, and tools underlying his systematic approach to innovating. He explains the essential role senior leaders must play as Chief Reframing Officers, how they can build the governance structure of the innovating engine, and what they should do to embed the three key processes of creation, integration, and reframing into the company’s DNA.  

Coach the Coaches Workshop (two to three days)

This workshop will help your middle managers  enhance their units’ innovating capabilities. Ben introduces the Built to Innovate framework and describes how middle managers can help create, maintain, and enhance their company’s innovating engine. He trains participants in how to use the key tools and techniques of innovation as well as how to train and coach their teams in using them. He describes how middle managers help “connect the dots” among all the new ideas that are springing up from around the organization, and create the process for selecting, channeling, testing, and implementing  those ideas.  

Frontline Innovators Workshop (three days)

This workshop will help your frontline employees and managers develop their innovating muscle. Ben introduces the 7-Step Innovating Process and its associated toolkit. Participants work on real-life innovation projects, learning how to listen to the voice of the customers–and their silence; how to learn from noncustomers, and how to codify the information gathered into data-driven tools for innovating.

Corporate Transformation Journey (three modules over three to four months)

Ready for a comprehensive corporate transformation journey to build and nurture your organization’s innovating capabilities? This is the program for you! Ben’s cascading process starts with a senior leadership team workshop, followed by a frontline innovators workshop during which participants work on a real-life innovation project. Finally, a bank of innovative ideas will be presented to your senior management for review and potential implementation. Between modules, project teams receive direct coaching from Ben and participate in regular clinics to review their progress. Participants in these action learning modules can then teach, train, and coach others in innovating.  

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