An Eye-Opening New Way To Think About Innovating

One of the biggest barriers to innovation is the myths that too many smart people believe–often without fully realizing it:

“Innovation is the job of the scientists and engineers in R&D.”
“Innovation calls for a genius like Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos.”
“Innovation is all about creating a new hit product or an industry-disrupting business model.”
“Innovation is for start-up companies, not established incumbents.”

Decades of working with some of the world’s most innovative companies–some of them little-known–have shown Ben Bensaou that none of these myths is true!

In his keynote speeches, virtual webinars, and other presentations, Ben explains how established companies, even in traditional industries not known for innovation, can embed continuous innovation inside their organization, innovation of all kinds and driven by everyone and transform into powerhouses of innovation.

Let Ben Deliver One Of These Powerful Messsages To Your Team

  • Built to Innovate: How To Wire Innovation Into Your Company’s DNA

  • Innovation is Everyone’s Job: The Role of Frontline Employees

  • Middle Managers: The Forgotten Heroes Of Innovation

  • Innovation Leadership: Senior Leaders As Chief Reframing Officers

  • The Innovating Perspective: Keys To Building a Culture Of Innovation

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